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Places of national heritage are home to the collective treasure of human creation from the times of the world’s earliest civilizations and sometimes even before them, as represented by cave paintings. Places of historical importance are full of ghosts and echoes of the past. Heritage sites not only provide an excellent opportunity to explore past cultures, they also bring the tourist in contact with the societies that inherited those cultures.

Today, the same curiosity to experience the heritage and interact with the societies of foreign lands drives the concept of heritage tourism. It is the largest segment of the global tourism industry. With the tremendous growth of knowledge, increased upward mobility and easy access to a wide variety of travel options, there is a huge demand to visit international places of historical, cultural, geological and archaeological importance. Heritage tourism also helps the development of tourism at all the destinations, indirectly benefitting the local populations.

This site is for travel enthusiasts who share my zeal for places and events of the past. I would be honoured if a potential traveller actually discovers a historically significant destination on this site and decides to visit it. This place is full of them. Your journey back through time starts here.

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