Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a tropical paradise with lush rainforests and pristine beaches on the Caribbean Sea as well the Pacific Ocean. Costa Rica attracts millions of ecotourists, including wildlife and surfing enthusiasts. The rainforests are home to some of the rarest animal species while probably being the last refuge of many endangered ones. Costa Rica also boasts a rich diversity of landscapes and scenery.

The name of the country literally means ‘rich coast’ in the Spanish language. Costa Rica, the pioneer of ecotourism, has 1,200 miles of beaches broken by isolated by rocky caves. Tourists flock to these beaches for the clear sea and some exciting water sports, most notably surfing. Costa is a surfer’s paradise, with conditions apt for beginners as well as experienced surfers.

The coastal towns are also packed with entertainment establishments of various kinds. Costa Rica is home to pristine rainforests with awe-inspiring and scenery. Conservation is top priority for the country; in fact more than a quarter of Costa Rica is protected. Costa Rica sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire and hosts five active volcanoes, with hiking expeditions allowed on some of them. An actual volcanic eruption is a spectacular sight and the memory will warm you all your life.

Costa Rica is located just north of the equator and has two seasons: wet and dry; both occur simultaneously in different parts of the country. Weather conditions are the most favourable from December to April, which is when the majority of tourists make their beeline for Costa Rica. Day trips give you the most out of the country’s sights and include exhilarating activities and adventure sports.

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